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10 March 2007 @ 01:55 pm
//holy mother...  
Haha, I am extremely extremely EXTREMELY tired. I did sleep when I came home. 6:52 AM to 1 something PM. My head hurts, my joints hurt, holyyy yeah.
So the minithon started with a dance which consisted of a whole ton of rap music of course. But good to dance to yes. Liz and Emily Ah. left earlyyy D: But yeah I most hung out with Rhiannon, Emily Ar., Nikki, Heather, Christina (yes...of all people 8D), and yeah. Then I was just following people around and stopping to do various stuff like playing Uno and playing it again with other people...and doing karaoke for the longest time with scratched up CDs that semi-worked to some degree. Speaking of karaoke...it's time to tell you about something exciting that happened:

haha so these girls were like playing karaoke and it was about 3 AM. and they were sucky. and i mean SUCKY. the prep people were like sleeping at some other area. and they asked the girls repeatedly to turn their music down but they didn't. so they were like "heyyy we'd give you $5 if you unplug the machine..." and nikki did exactly that. (while getting her hand slapped in the process) the girls started talking behind nikki's back as they continued on singing. THEY BUTCHERED "SOMEDAY" BY SUGAR RAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY *dies* ;A; Let's see so then Nikki decides later on, when they still sang, to walk on over and bitch to them. Because those girls just didn't stop their idiotic talking-behind-the-back thing AND singingly suckily at the same volume as ever. I followed Nikki, but I sat on a chair so that I wouldn't get involved. Nikki pushed a girl down to the ground and all of the sudden Holly starts like hitting Nikki, so it turned into a huge fight. The preps were cheering Nikki on. xD She managed to push Holly down and she walks away. But Holly follows and we have no idea if Holly wanted to give her a hug or not. It didn't make any sense whatsoever. Fighting slightly continued. FINALLY THE CHAPERONES CAME. oh yes believers. there were NO chaperones over there. how wonderful, yes? 8D so yeah hilarious thing is they ask everyone else who saw it. yet apparently they don't know i saw the entire thing...? hahayeah. lots of tension afterwards.

okayy anyways. i watched flushed away, which was okay. it made me sleepy. both movies (cars) made me sleepy. ~~;;; i played DDR at some point too. gosh i wish my down arrow worked. D:
I was freaking out. "King of Snake". I instantly wrote down as a request. Never played, like my two other requests. IT was truely saddening. D:> But yeah I was shocked to see Underworld ON THERE. That's it. For homecoming, they should have that DJ that has a lot of good music other than the whole ton of rap music.
Haha so yeah at 6, I was super cold after watching a little bit of Cars and super tired. They had breakfast for us....so I got a donut and orange juice.

Ughhhh I don't want to talk about it anymoreeee. I need to check the internets because I miss the internetsss.
And hot damn I still love this Bungalow Mix of King of Snake.
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music ♪~ : Underworld - King of Snake (Rick's Bungalow Mix)
sixpinkwhiskers: James tonesixpinkwhiskers on March 10th, 2007 08:24 pm (UTC)
;.; my requests never get played either.

they aren't cool like us.
buttercup★samurai: do your thing (( gh ))invader_bs on March 10th, 2007 09:23 pm (UTC)
arghyeahrly. we'resuparuberlycool.
...haha now i'm stickingwordstogetherlikemad.
i need to take a breakfromcomputer. ~~;;;;
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